Bring your Dog to Bonaire!


Most requested info!  So, by popular demand, here you go!

Short list:  I will attach link to downloadable forms below.

1.)  15 digit ISO microchip certificate signed by your Vet.

2.)  Vaccination record:  Pet should be vaccinated for rabies at least 30 days and not more than 12 months before entering  Bonaire.  Rabies and Distemper required.

3.)  APHIS Form 7001 can be completed by your local vet.  

4.)  Airline health certificate completed within 10 days of travel and signed by your vet.

When you arrive here at Flamingo Airport, there is a bathroom to the right of customs inside baggage claim area. I throw a wee wee pad down and get my dog a cup of water. When you are ready, find one of the guys at the baggage exit area and show him your papers.

Keep these papers for your return to US.  While you are on Bonaire, visit the local vet within 10 days before departure.

Click the link for all 4 downloadable PDF travel forms:

Enjoy traveling with your fur-kid!

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